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Hua Hin, located about 200km south of Bangkok on the western shore of the Gulf of Thailand is sometimes described as a mini Pattaya, as it is a long sprawling coastal town dissected by the main road from Bangkok, it also has close links with Thai royalty and many Thai’s from Bangkok come here as a retreat from the city. It is however a very popular location for foreigner visitors too with is wonderful beaches and relaxed atmosphere.

Getting to Hua Hin is reasonably straight forward and although there is no flight available there are lots of trains, buses and taxis that will take you directly to the town centre. The taxi ride should cost in the region of 2000 baht which is very reasonable given the distance. The bus and train will of course cost less but we would advise you to use a VIP bus if possible or use first class on the train so you have an air conditioning system to keep you cooler during the 4-6 hour journey. If you arrive by train, take some time when you arrive to observe the railway station with its unique architecture.

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Accommodation prices are available to suit all budgets but most 3 star (or equivalent) hotels and resorts range from 1200-2600 Baht per night. Most, if not all, will include air conditioning which is needed as temperatures are generally in excess of 28C most of the year during daylight hours and still in excess of 22C at night all year round.
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While there is a lot of beach to see and relax on, this area is noted for its golf courses with 10 of them within a 30 minute drive of the town, including the very well-known Banyan Golf course and resort and the Royal Hua Hin golf course that is located on the outskirts of the town to the west. Golf is catching on with the Bangkok escapees, at weekends in particular, and consequently the courses can get busy at times. Most of the courses are of Championship standard and some offer some incredible views if you can take your eye off the ball for a few minutes.
If you are looking for more adventurous activities you may find yourself spoiled for choice in Hua Hin with Diving & Snorkelling, Elephant Trekking, Go Karting, Horses Riding, Kayaking, Kite boarding, Paintballing, Safari & Adventure Park, Thai Boxing and Thai Cooking Classes to choose from.
Hua Hin boasts quite a significant number of
markets of interest to the visitor including Chat Chai Market, Dinosaur Market, Pae Mai Market, Hua Hin Night Market, Grand Hotel Market and Pae Market where you will see a vast amount of exotic and unusual food, countless souvenirs and day to day goods. Most marketers will haggle, especially if you are accompanied by a Thai national.
Naturally most
restaurants you will see cater for Thai’s with their traditional food but there is a reasonable external influence here too with Italian, French, Indian and Japanese restaurants as well as a few others that offer other International cuisine, there is also a Pizza restaurant here too.
Perhaps a surprising aspect to Hua Hin is the absence of “notable” temples (wats) that are flocked to by tourists, but of course there are many temples in the town and if you are unfamiliar with Buddhist temples they should provide interest.
Does Hua Hin have a naughty nightlife scene? Yes it does, as with every tourist destination in Thailand. Compared to Bangkok and Pattaya it is small and far more relaxed but offers the same and in very similar surroundings with open front bars and girls wearing as little as possible without causing offence to anyone but there currently are no go-go bars in Hua Hin. The Soi Bintabahn area, near the Hilton hotel, is where most of this nightlife is concentrated. There are plenty of bars and girls to choose from so do not be too hasty to run off with the first beauty you clamp your eyes on, as tempting as it may be. As always, if you do not want the attentions of one or more of these ladies a simple and polite refusal is sufficient for them to slink off and look elsewhere. Thai’s are not, by nature, confrontational so bare that in mind when dealing with them. Remain polite and courteous and you should get no problems in return.
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